Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better late than Never!

I am finally posting Christmas pictures from the Eddleman's house...took me awhile to get the pictures transferred from a disk to the computer. We had a wonderful time and Cooper got lots of great presents!!

He is always being held by someone and is always the center of attention.

He loves his Mimi and Scout and always comes home a little sad, needing extra love and attention. Just the way it should be!!

He got a cute raincoat!!

Aunt Amy (aka "Fancy") is our hero..she babysits about every week for us and spoils Coop rotten.

It was a great Christmas and we are thankful for family!


Annie Singletary said...

He is so loved. great pictures.

thehassells said...

Beth, It was fun reading your blog. Cooper is getting so big and he is soooo cute. It has been way to long. I hope all is well. Emily Hassell

em g said...

monty!! it was so great seeing you in church the other day! i'm so happy y'all are going there too! sorry i didn't get a chance to say goodbye.
i'll see y'all this sunday though.
so happy to find your blog!
love you
em g