Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All play and not much work!

We have been having lots of fun at the Eddleman house lately. Kirk is on a research month, meaning that he has lots of time at home with us and I think that he would be a perfect Mr. Mom! He attends weekly play group, comes with us to the park every day and even comes to library time! He is going to be very sad when March comes and he is at the hospital again.

Cooper has really starting eating "big boy" food and I am no longer able to eat a snack around him without giving him a bite...or just handing him the whole entire thing!
We have gotten our first ear infection and that is no fun, but he is still as sweet and funny as ever!
We also think that his top two teeth are coming in because he holds his socks in his mouth and crawls everywhere (see above) like this...very strange! we call him our little labrador retriever!

We are really loving how life has slowed down from the busy holidays and we are having fun times at home. It is so nice to have a husband with regular hours (better than regular, actually). I could get used to this!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better late than Never!

I am finally posting Christmas pictures from the Eddleman's house...took me awhile to get the pictures transferred from a disk to the computer. We had a wonderful time and Cooper got lots of great presents!!

He is always being held by someone and is always the center of attention.

He loves his Mimi and Scout and always comes home a little sad, needing extra love and attention. Just the way it should be!!

He got a cute raincoat!!

Aunt Amy (aka "Fancy") is our hero..she babysits about every week for us and spoils Coop rotten.

It was a great Christmas and we are thankful for family!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas with the Singletary's

When I think of words to describe Cooper's first Christmas, I think of a sermon that my sister-in-law, annie, told me about. The preacher commented on how Christmas could have been for others...and he said, "Some people may be thinking 'What was that'??"

We had built up those memories to be just perfect, and I must say that it was somewhat of a letdown. Kirk had two separate viruses and an abcessed tooth that kept him from getting any sleep for one whole week, and then we all had the stomach bug with one bathroom available. But, Cooper did not get the bug and so that was a miracle!! I hate to sound so negative, but I am being honest, and that is my rule for myself when it comes to blogging. Anyhoo, I am sharing some of our best memories below. Eddlemans, I promise that the pics from our Christmas are coming soon..we are having technical difficulties. The Eddleman Christmas was much less sickly and a great time!

We went to see the gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn...Will almost stole a gum ball off of one of the houses...hilarious!

Our nephew Will has an amazing talent with the harmonica...art is definitely in his genes and I think he may be a musician

Cooper loves to swing..check out those beautiful mountains. We love Black Mountain so much!

Cooper loved riding in Will's backpack..we are working on getting one of those.

Annie and I- We were very surprised...see below

because Santa (aka my crazy husband, Kirk) showed up on Christmas Eve! He also went to several other houses and he was a real hit according to many of the kids around Black Mountain.

Cooper's favorite gifts were ribbons and wrapping paper...he's a cheap kid!

The boys (and my mom) kept the babies so annie and I could have a day of shopping and lunch. We love to shop together and buy the same article of clothing much of the time!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas is....

Look what showed up!! Christmas has come and gone, and I must be honest...we had a rough one! Stomach flu, a bad tooth ache (poor Kirk!), RSV, you name it! But Jesus was still born to us and we are thankful. We hope that you had a wonderful time with your families. More pictures to come, I promise. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye Bye Mobile and happy birthday Kirk!

So this is what Kirk found when he went to get Cooper this morning...looks like we need to retire the mobile. That makes me so sad..my baby is becoming a big boy now! He is super busy and now likes to pull up on things. Today is Kirk's 31st birthday and we surprised him with good breakfast and presents to open!
Cooper loved the wrapping paper and I think he had more fun opening gifts than Kirk did. Happy Birthday Kirk. I love you!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cooper is a crawler!

Cooper has always been pretty alert and active, even when he was in my tummy, but one morning I woke up and discovered that I had a teenager on my hands...this little guy is into EVERYTHING!!! All my friends told me to get ready for the day that he started crawling and they were so very right! It is a new world and I am on my toes!

One morning, Kirk was about to leave for work and I was cleaning up our house (something that I never can seem to fully accomplish with a baby) and Cooper was playing on the floor in his room. He began to squeel and laugh hysterically and we ran into his room and the picture above is what we found! Any advice on baby proofing a house????

Monday, December 8, 2008

I caved!!

After much convincing from my sister-in-law, annie, we decided to start a blog. I really cannot believe that I am joining blog world, but here goes! HELLO!!