Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye Bye Mobile and happy birthday Kirk!

So this is what Kirk found when he went to get Cooper this morning...looks like we need to retire the mobile. That makes me so sad..my baby is becoming a big boy now! He is super busy and now likes to pull up on things. Today is Kirk's 31st birthday and we surprised him with good breakfast and presents to open!
Cooper loved the wrapping paper and I think he had more fun opening gifts than Kirk did. Happy Birthday Kirk. I love you!!!

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Annie Singletary said...

happy birthday, even though you didn't call me on mine Kirk, I forgot to call my own sister on her's because of all the throw up drama and so I thought i'de make it up by telling you twice.
And, although I was sitting right next to you when you posted this Beth I didn't not catch the fact that Cooper got his mobile down. Hilarious! We loved seeing you guys. Missin you.