Monday, December 8, 2008

I caved!!

After much convincing from my sister-in-law, annie, we decided to start a blog. I really cannot believe that I am joining blog world, but here goes! HELLO!!


Annie Singletary said...

yeah beth. I'm so glad that I am so persuasive because I need to see my nephew more and I know everyone else will benefit so much from having more of the Eddleman's in their lives. great start.
you really are good at figuring techonology out. love you.

sunday said...

yeah! i just got word of this and am so excited! i kept asking annie and your mom when you were going to start one. i hope to see you when you come here for Christmas. That will be so wonderful. good start on the blog!

Gracie and Bryan Gaspard said...

Welcome!!! Love you!